Estate Agents

Estate Agents

It won’t have escaped your notice that clients are getting more demanding. With so much data and analytics available, agents who can’t prove that they know their market are going to struggle to look credible. They’ll also struggle to survive.

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Data where you need it

Property-level analytics reports are the best way to make prospective clients’ eyes light up. Until now the cost and resources required to create them has put them out of reach of most agents. The larger multinationals know this and have been pressing the advantage.

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The many benefits of ResiAnalytics


Free up your team to add value where it counts


Maintain a stable level of output to increase mind share.


Deliver the best collateral in your industry.


Project confidence to your audience with sophisticated messaging.


Our data sources are always kept up-to-date.


Massive efficiency savings for not wasting in-house resources


We produce at scale to grow with your business.


We tailor our services to each client according to their needs and ambitions.

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