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Think you know how desirable a location is? Check if you’re right with location scoring from SituScoreTM

At ResiAnalytics, we know that no one is better able to assess the market than local experts like you who live and breathe it every day. However, we also know it’s not easy for you to monitor every movement in all your micro-markets all the time. What if there was a way to benchmark the exact desirability of any given full postcode in real-time?

ResiAnalytics is delighted to offer you SituScoreTM, the location scoring tool from ResiAnalytics Limited. With SituScoreTM you can access on-demand location scoring reports which attribute a score to any given full postcode in your patch. It uses a state-of-the-art geospatial methodology and the data is updated monthly to account for any changes affecting the local property market.

In a typical use case, an agent like you will have a property that’s come to the front of your mind, either for new or repeat business. It’s at this point you log into your ResiAnalytics dashboard, enter the property postcode and hit go and we will instantly run the calculation and compile the report.

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Once the algorithm has all the inputs it requires, the score will begin to be calculated. When the calculations are complete the report will be compiled ready for you. This process usually takes between 30 seconds and a minute, depending on the amount of data being processed. Reports are made available as PDF’s within about an hour and are stored in your dashboard to access at any time. All reports are provided with a 100% quality guarantee. For more information about getting a subscription and fees, please get in touch.

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